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Rob Manning PGA Teacher Voted Top 50 Instructors.

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The Correct Golf Setup is exactly what the best golfers in the world are gradually all switching to. If you look at the picture to the right you will see the modern spine tilt that is currently being used by the best golfers in the world. The next time you're watching a golf tournament on television closely watch their setup and you will see the CGS in action.Golf professional Rob Manning teaches all the details, video by video so that you can do the same... 

The top golf professionals pay a large sum of money to learn how to best setup and swing now you can have the same benefits without the cost... 

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Below Is A Letter That Jack Nicklaus Himself Wrote Many Years Ago About The Validity Of The CGS.

SECTION 1: The Main Correct Golf Setup and Swing

Lesson 1:

The CGS Address Position


Lesson 2:

The CGS Backswing


Lesson 3:

The CGS Top and Forward


Lesson 4:

The CGS Impact Position


Lesson 5:

The CGS Finish Position

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